Sep 23 2011

Roger Baker receiving VIP Underground Railroad Card

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Roger Baker receiving VIP Underground Railroad Card from Tom Munnecke; Peter Levin looks on

Roger Baker, Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology for the Department of Veterans Affairs receives his upgraded VIP Underground Railroad Card from Tom Munnecke. Peter L. Levin, Senior Advisor and Chief Technical Officer for the VA, looks on. The VIP card has a 1981-era Motorola 6800 CPU chip laminated over the engine of the railroad. The VIP card is in recognition of his efforts to build on the success of the VIstA tradition, towards the new generation of open source health Information technology.

Off camera was Philip Longman, author of Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Health Care is Better Than Yours describing the organizational transformation that VistA helped trigger.

We discussed the importance of understanding VistA as a community and a broad approach to organizational transformation far beyond just the source code employed in the computer programs, akin to the way that the success of Wikipedia is due to the user community – the underlying programs had only to be “good enough” to build a robust community.

The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of Ray Group International, headed by Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Ronald Ray with whom I proud to be an associate, consulting with them on the next generation of Health IT.

Here is a video describing a bit of the history of the Underground Railroad, a tribute to Ted O’Neill.


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