Apr 26 2012

My Webinar at Kitware: “Towards a Federal Health Information Space”

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I had the pleasure of visiting Kitware in Albany, NY, and gave a webinar yesterday on the topic “Towards a Federal Health Information Space.”  Bottom line: health IT, health care in general, and the politics of the beltway all combine to make the notion of a single, monolithic health IT “system” impractical.  An alternative model of a open, adaptable information space, configured as a large scale, fine-grained network of activity and information, gives us a much better foundation for dealing with the issues of complexity, security, and adaptability.  Here are my slides (.pptx version) (many of which I didn’t talk about).  Thanks to Rick Avila, Luis Ibanez, and Wes Turner for lots of great discussions.

Kitware is a very innovative company specializing in open source software.


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