Oct 27 2004

Workshop: Changing Media for a Better World

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We’ll be holding a workshop in Washington, DC. Nov 10-11 on the topic “Changing Media for a Better World” with Roberta Baskin, former correspondent for Bill Moyer’s NOW, as well as Tom Mandel and others.

I hope to bring in a blend of bloggers as well as mainstream media types, and see what we can do to get a little more attention to what’s working in the world.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while, I’ve been a little busy on the Omidyar Network, and doing some fun thinking on a Networked Theory of a Better World.

I happened to be a retreat with Garrick Utley last week, who had more than a few things to say about the downward spiral in mainstream media. We had quite a chat about positive discourse… who knows, maybe something good will come.

I am amazed at how uniform people’s responses when I talk about positive media: “Great! I can’t wait to get that crap off of television!” And they use the word “crap” with amazing frequency. And the media folks say, well, we are just giving the public what it wants.

Sure, as if the public wanted to see 24 hr coverage of OJ Simpson, too.

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