Jun 02 2012

Some historical VA/DoD papers

From the initial 1978 Oklahoma City VA/DoD/IHS meeting, we had envisioned a government-wide health information system, based on shared, open source software.  Things went well for the VA, and we deployed a nation-wide system starting in 1983.  Things looked bright for a while for DoD use, as we installed a shared system at March AFB in Riverside, CA. connected to Loma Linda VA hospital.  Congressman Sonny Montgomery got wind of the effort, and supported it to the hilt.  DoD didn’t like the idea – spending more money on consultants to make it look bad than they did to try out the system to see if it worked.

Here are some papers I’ve scanned in that relate to some of the early history of VA/DoD sharing.

Despite these being nearly 30 years old, the issues they talk about are pretty much current – just part of a never-ending story about VA-DoD integration efforts.


1985 munnecke overview of DHCP to TRIMIS Program Office

1984 Oct 10 Congressional Record authorizing DHCP as competitor in CHCS

1984 oct 4 montgomery letter to weinberger re DoD use of VA software

1984 nov 5 montgomery letter to Underground Railroad

1986 Anon letter to DOD Inspector General re alleged conflicts of interest in CHCS

1985 first VA DoD email message exchange at March AFB

1984 MITRE report on Utilization of VA software in the TRIMIS program

1984 Octo Barnett responds to MITRE report on DoD methodology

1985 munnecke email re ADL dirty tricks

1997 US Medicine article by tom From DHCP to Vision for Change

1978 Tom Munnecke’s Original DHCP FileMan and Kernel design notes at OK City kickoff meeting

1985 Munnecke Occams Razor alive and well into VA

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