Jan 10 2005

HealthSpace site for National Health Service

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I just stumbled across the UK National Health Service HealthSpace site. This is the same name that I have been tossing around since 1996 or so.

My basic vision was to envision health care as a space, rather than a system, in which health-inducing and supporting things would thrive. This would allow us to escape from the hierarchical “pigeonholing” of our current system.

It would also allow us to shape health discourse be reframing it from “health in terms of disease” to a language of health.

This was also a theme I tried to get across with the Vvaleo Initiative to do a Chaordic Approach to health care with Dee Hock, calling it Creating an Epidemic of Health

This is all really important stuff. If the estimates of 200,000 people per year killed through preventable medical errors are true, then we are dealing with a system which is as devastating to us as the Asian Tsunami disaster, every year. And it is preventable.

I don’t want to draw attention or resources away from the tsunami, but I do think that we could spend a little more time preventing things before they happen, rather than reacting to the crisis.

Until then, I fear that we are trying to get out of a hole by digging it deeper. The NHS implementation of the HealthSpace name doesn’t give me much hope that they are climbing out of this hole, unfortunately.

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