Feb 07 2013

Washington Post article on Chuck Hagel and the VA

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I was delighted to see the recent  article Vets see promise in Hagel and his short VA tenure.  It talked about his support for the VistA EHR system which was my briar patch back in the 1980’s:

“Hagel met with the programmers. “He found out about it and liked it, so he pushed it at the right time,” [Harry] Walters [Former VA Administrator] said. “Now it’s the most effective electronic health-record system in the country.”

The programmers presented Hagel with a certificate of appreciation at a banquet in 1982. “He stuck his neck out,” Munnecke said. “It was a gutsy decision on his part.”

Stay tuned.

And I continue to be amazed at how powerful the Underground Railroad I designed on a lark 30 years ago remains today.

Here is my original post about him.


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