Jan 07 2009

James Fowler in Conversation with Tom

This is conversation between UC San Diego Political Scientist James Fowler with Tom Munnecke and Heather Wood Ion on James’ research of happiness, obesity, drinking, and more based on the Framingham Heart Study data. He provides some provocative evidence that social networks might propagate happiness in a contagious fashion, more powerfully than unhappiness. We also talk about the spread of loneliness, ways of researching empathy, centralized “smart center” networks vs. smart edges, group selection, the work of happiness and elevation by Jonathan Haidt, and ways we might construct networks of uplift. Videography by Robert Foxworth, music by Kevin MacLeod. Taped Jan 6, 2009 at the UC San Diego Faculty Club. This video is also archived at the Internet Archives.
See also James’ paper on genetic basis of Social Networks

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  1. […] a powerful, and I think very timely.  I’ve talked about this a bit in my conversations with James Fowler about infectious happiness, and Jonathan Haidt about Positive Psychology, author of the The Happiness Hypothesis I’ve […]

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  4. […] work relating to social networks and health.   He, along with James Fowler, whom I’ve had a previous conversation about networks )  and about his book release ) are co-authors of Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social […]

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