Jan 27 2009

Inauguration night: Barbara Marx Hubbard in Conversation with Tom

Barbara Marx Hubbard founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution talks with Tom Munnecke and others on the night Obama’s inauguration. She discusses her campaign for the vice presidency 25 years ago, and how her dreams and visions of that time are coming to fruition with the new shift in direction. She talks about her notion of Peace Rooms, ways of finding out what’s working, how to develop grass roots organizations that also feed information to centralized ones. Tom talks about the network effects of goodness, and how all this might “go viral.” Heather Wood Ion, Jim Pinto, Prapanna Smith, Nancy Walsh, and Carla Gerstein also participate. Video by Robert Foxworth, music by Kevin MacLeod, editing by Tom Munnecke. Taped Jan 20, 2009 in Encinitas, Ca.  See also James Fowler’s Interview on the positive effects of Social Networks.  This interview has been permanently saved at the Internet Archive.

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